ShipTrak is free service of the Maritime Mobile Service Network. There is no registration and no payments required... unless you want to send me money! :)

There is no direct data entry into ShipTrak.  ShipTrak is another means of displaying the position reports already in the Winlink 2000 and Yotreps databases.  They are the source for the data and ShipTrak merely presents their  data.  If you wish to see a vessel on ShipTrak, the position report information for that vessel must already be in either of those two databases.

Again, we would like to thank the Winlink 2000 and the Yotreps organizations for their help and participation in making ShipTrak work for you.

Using ShipTrak

  1. Enter the callsign you wish to track in the callsign box
  2. Adjust the "Show" drop-down menu to see a limited time period of positions (optional)
  3. click the "View" button. 
WARNING! To see the track of a vessel, you must know what callsign is being used to enter the position reports! The callsign could be an amateur radio (ham radio) callsign, a marine SSB callsign or a boat name. It's best to check with the boat so that you know. We have no idea what callsign a particular boat is using!

Sharing, Linking and Embedding

If you have your own web page, or maintain a web page for an RV'er or ship-at-sea, you can create a link from your web page to ShipTrak, or embed a map directly into your page. It's very simple and adds a nice touch for your visitors.


No Positions Found

If ShipTrak reports "No Positions Found For xxxx", it means that there are no positions for that callsign. Make sure you know the proper callsign for the boat, and that you entered it correctly.

Browser Issues

Occasionally, older browsers may have trouble with the map interface. ShipTrak uses Google Maps; be sure to check the Google Maps documentation for solutions to common problems.

Questions? Problems?

You can email me with questions or bug reports at this address.

73 and best regards.....Tom VE3II
June 2014